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With over 15 years of experience in CAD CAM and a deep understanding of the dental industry, we are well-equipped to cater to your specific needs. Our team of experts is committed to providing you with the best 3D printing solutions tailored to your practice requirements.

Large 3D Printing Resins Inventory

Choose from a wide selection of premium 3D resins that deliver outstanding results for various dental applications. Rest assured, your prints will boast unmatched quality and precision.

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Take your dental workflow to new heights of efficiency, accuracy, and productivity with Asiga Max UV, Max X UV and Pro 4K. Choose Articon as your trusted partner for all your 3D dental printing needs and witness the transformative power of Asiga technology in your practice! 

Max UV Series
Asiga DentaMODEL - Resin for 3D Printing

Exploring Asiga Dental 3D Printer Prices and Resin Options

Cost-effectiveness and material versatility are crucial considerations for dental labs and professionals. Asiga Dental 3D Printers offer a range of options to meet diverse requirements.

Understanding Asiga 3D Printer Prices

Investing in 3D printing technology can yield significant long-term benefits for dental practices. We'll provide an in-depth price analysis of various Asiga Dental 3D Printer models. We'll give you our special prices for various Asiga Dental 3D Printer models, helping you make informed decisions based on your budget and printing needs.

Selecting the Right Resin for Your Applications

Resin selection plays a vital role in achieving desired outcomes in dental 3D printing. Asiga offers a wide array of dental-grade resins, each tailored to specific applications, such as crowns, surgical guides, and dentures. We'll guide you through the different resin options and their ideal use cases, ensuring optimal results for your dental projects.

Verified Resins for Asiga Dental Printers

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Asiga Trays for Resins

Pushing Boundaries with Asiga Max

Maximize Precision with Asiga Max UV and Max X UV

Asiga Max UV and Max X UV represent the epitome of accuracy and detail in 3D printing. Utilizing advanced UV LED technology, these printers can achieve unmatched resolutions, delivering dental products with exceptional quality. The Max series is known for its ease of use and offers seamless integration with dental software, making it a top choice for dental professionals worldwide.

Asiga Max: Enhanced Productivity and Workflow

The Asiga Max incorporates cutting-edge technology to boost productivity and streamline workflow in dental clinics. With its large build platform, you can simultaneously print multiple dental models or appliances, maximizing efficiency without compromising on quality.

Asiga MAX UV opened lid

Asiga Max UV Series  

Technical specifications

Max Uv




Build Volume X, Y, Z

119 × 67 × 75mm

4.69 × 2.64 × 2.95 inches

51.8 × 29.2 × 75mm

2.04 × 1.15 × 2.95 inches

67.2 × 37.8 × 75mm

2.65 × 1.49 × 2.95 inches

82.3 × 46.4 × 75mm

3.24 × 1.83 × 2.95 inches

Pixel Resolution







LED Wavelength

385nm (high power UV LED) or 405nm

Material Compatibility

Asiga materials, 100% Open Material System — use any suitable third party material


Asiga Composer software. Lifetime updates included

File Inputs

STL, SLC, PLY, STM (Asiga Stomp file format)

Network Compatibility

Wifi, Wireless Direct, Ethernet

Power Requirements

100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, ≤2 Amps


260 × 385 × 370mm / 19.3 kg 10.2 × 15.2 × 14.5 inches / 42.6 lb

260 × 400 × 510mm / 21.5 kg 10.2 × 15.7 × 20 inches / 47.4 lb

Package Dimension 

410 × 500 × 480mm / 21.6 kg 16.1 × 19.7 × 18.9 inches / 47.6 lb

400 × 510 × 630mm / 23.5 kg 15.7 × 20 × 24.8 inches / 51.8 lb


12 months manufacturer's warranty

Technical Support

Unlimited lifetime technical support included

Bundle Includes

3D printer, Composer software, 1 kg Asiga material, 1L build tray, Asiga Flash post-curing chamber, calibration toolkit

Asiga PRO 4K opened lid

High-Resolution Precision with Asiga Pro 4K

Unraveling the Wonders of Asiga Pro 4K

The Asiga Pro 4K UV and Pro 4K XL UV set a new standard in dental 3D printing with its stunning 4K resolution. This cutting-edge printer ensures superior surface finish and brings a new level of realism to dental models, crowns, and orthodontic appliances. With its high-speed printing capabilities, the Pro 4K Printers maximize productivity without compromising on precision.

Embracing Ultra HD with Asiga Pro 4K Printing

The Asiga 4K Printing feature takes dental 3D printing to the next level with ultra-high-definition printing. This technology enables dental professionals to produce intricate designs with unrivaled clarity and precision, elevating the standard of dental care for patients.

Asiga PRO 4K Series  


PRO 4K45

PRO 4K65

PRO 4K80




Build Volume X, Y, Z

122 × 69 × 200mm

 4.8 × 2.71 × 7.87 inches

176 × 99 × 200mm

6.94 × 3.9 × 7.87 inches

217 × 122 × 200mm

8.54 × 4.8 × 7.87 inches

122 × 69 × 400mm

 4.8 × 2.71 × 15.75 inches

176 × 99 × 400mm

6.94 × 3.9 × 15.75 inches

217 × 122 × 400mm

8.54 × 4.8 × 15.75 inches

Pixel Size - 4K mode







Pixel Size - Native mode









LED Wavelength

385nm or 405nm (high power LEDs)

385nm industrial grade LED. (365nm & 405nm also available)

Material Compatibility

Asiga materials, 100% Open Material System — use any suitable third party material

500+ materials available. Open Material System — use any suitable third party material


Asiga Composer software. Lifetime updates included

File Inputs

STL, SLC, PLY, STM (Asiga Stomp file format)

Network Compatibility

Wifi, Wireless Direct, Ethernet

Power Requirements

90-264VAC, 50/60Hz, 600Watts, (100V - 6Amp Max. 240V - 2.5Amp)


465 × 540 × 1345mm / 140 kg 18.3 × 21.3 × 53.0 inches /

309 lb

465 x 540 x 1550mm / 164.5 kg 18.3 x 21.2 x 61 inches /

362 lb

Package Dimension 

900 × 700 × 1540mm / 205 kg 35.4 × 27.6 × 60.6 inches /

452 lb

900 × 700 × 1740mm / 249 kg 35.4 × 27.6 × 68.5 inches /

 548 lb


12 months manufacturer's warranty

Technical Support

Unlimited lifetime technical support included

Bundle Includes

3D printer, Composer software, 1kg Asiga material, 2L build tray, Asiga Flash post-curing chamber, calibration toolkit

Asiga SPS™ Technology: Ensuring Precision and Efficiency in 3D Printing

Introducing Asiga SPS™ technology, a game-changer in the world of 3D printing. This innovative platform offers a range of cutting-edge features to ensure impeccable print results.

Platform Positioning Feedback

Say goodbye to inaccuracies! Asiga SPS™ offers immediate feedback on the positioning of the platform, making sure that your construction platform is accurately positioned for each layer. This guarantees Z height precision, resulting in flawlessly accurate prints.

Automatic LED Power Adjustment

No more guesswork! With internal radiometer/light meter, Asiga SPS™ automatically adjusts LED power based on real-time data. This intelligent feature optimizes cure times, delivering precise layer curing for each layer of your print.

Industrial Grade High-Power LED

For exceptional material curing, opt for our UV model equipped with a high-power 385nm LED. This configuration guarantees precise layer curing and enables seamless processing of water-clear materials. Additionally, Asiga SPS™ is available with 365nm or 405nm LED options, providing versatile solutions to suit your printing needs.

With Asiga SPS™ technology, you can elevate your 3D printing projects to an industrial-grade level. Embrace precision, efficiency, and versatility in your prints with this revolutionary platform. Say hello to superior results and explore the endless possibilities of 3D printing with Asiga SPS™.

Resin-filled Tray

Build Platforms for Asiga 3D Printers

Work Samples

Embracing Technological Advancements in Dentistry

With Asiga Dental 3D Printers state-of-the-art technology meets the field of dentistry, opening new possibilities and reshaping the way dental professionals approach their craft. In recent years, 3D printing has made significant strides in various industries, and dentistry is no exception. Asiga Dental 3D Printers have become synonymous with precision, efficiency, and reliability in the dental community.

3D Printers for Dental Clinics: Revolutionizing the Workflow

Dental clinics are dynamic environments with unique demands, and Asiga Dental 3D Printers are tailor-made to enhance productivity and efficiency. Dental clinic technicians require tools that optimize their workflow. We explore how Asiga Dental 3D Printers have become indispensable in dental clinics, streamlining processes, and delivering consistent, high-quality results.

FAQs about Asiga Dental 3D Printers

Are Asiga Dental 3D Printers suitable for large dental labs?

Absolutely! Asiga Dental 3D Printers, particularly the Max series, are designed to accommodate the needs of large dental labs, offering increased productivity and versatility.


Can I use third-party resins with Asiga printers?

Asiga Dental 3D Printers are compatible with a wide range of third-party resins, giving you the freedom to choose materials that best suit your specific applications.

How long does it take to print a dental restoration with an Asiga 3D printer?

For simple dental models or smaller restorations, the printing process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. These are generally single-unit restorations or smaller components like crowns or bridges. More complex restorations or larger models may take longer, ranging from 1 to 4 hours or more, depending on the specifics of the design and the 3D printer's capabilities.

What is the average lifespan of an Asiga Dental 3D Printer?

With proper maintenance and regular servicing, Asiga Dental 3D Printers can last for several years, ensuring a solid return on investment for your dental practice.

How does 4K printing enhance the quality of dental models?

Asiga's 4K printing feature significantly increases the level of detail and precision in dental models, resulting in more realistic and accurate representations of patients' oral anatomy.

Can Asiga Dental 3D Printers be used for producing surgical guides?

Absolutely! Asiga Dental 3D Printers are renowned for their precision, making them an excellent choice for fabricating surgical guides used in complex dental procedures.

Do Asiga printers offer user-friendly software for dental designs?

Yes, Asiga Dental 3D Printers come with intuitive software that is specifically tailored for dental applications, ensuring a smooth and straightforward design process.