In an industry that places increasing importance on innovation, adaptability, and delivering consistent outcomes, Keystone Industries introduced KeyPrint in 2018. KeyPrint is a range of precise 3D resins specially designed for the dental sector. Keystone has harnessed its unique expertise in both dentistry and photopolymers to offer top-quality 3D printing resins to the dental market. The entire KeyPrint line is proudly designed and manufactured in the United States and is available in North America, Europe, and various other global regions. KeyPrint resins are compatible with a variety of 3D printer types, including DLP, LED, and LCD printers, with wavelengths ranging from 385 to 405 nm. Keystone continually evaluates 3D printers to ensure that their KeyPrint resins perform reliably in a range of open-source printers. Prioritizing patient safety, KeyPrint resins undergo a series of biocompatibility tests in line with global regulatory standards. Each biocompatible print adheres to international norms to guarantee safety and effectiveness for patients. KeyPrint’s robust formulations ensure a shelf life of three years, as well as color stability.

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