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For a limited time, take advantage of our exclusive sale: up to 40% off on Coloring Liquids for Zirconia Discs. Revolutionize your dental lab experience and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your dental restorations by infusing them with vibrant, lifelike shades. Enjoy a special discount on each purchase and don’t miss this opportunity to add a splash of brilliance to your dental creations!

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Purchase any Asiga printer today and enjoy a deal that adds incredible value to your investment.

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For a limited time, you enjoy a fantastic $500 credit towards any resin with the purchase of any Asiga 3D Printer. This exclusive deal is our way of ensuring you have everything you need to kickstart your 3D printing projects.

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at Articon we bring excellence to dental practices and laboratories. Upgrade your patient care and professional capabilities with our high-quality dental implants. Explore our exclusive promotions

Premium Quality Implants

Elevate the standard of care in your practice with our premium dental implants. Crafted from top-quality materials, our implants ensure reliability, durability, and natural aesthetics.

Precision in Every Mill: Explore Exclusive Dental Milling Promotions

Elevate your dental milling experience with our exclusive promotions on milling burs, zirconia discs, titanium discs, and more. Discover how our cutting-edge solutions can enhance the efficiency and quality of your dental restorations.

High-Quality Milling Burs

Zirconia Discs for Aesthetic Excellence

Titanium Discs for Strength and Reliability

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Exclusive Metal 3D Printing Promotions on High-Quality Metal Powders

Explore our exclusive promotions on premium metal powders for 3D printing and unlock new possibilities for precision engineering, customization, and durability.

High-Performance Metal Powders:

Elevate your 3D printing capabilities with our high-performance metal powders. Engineered for reliability and superior results, our metal powders empower your projects with strength, precision, and versatility.